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Contemporary Mozzarella cheese is available year-round in shops and supermarkets. One can discover whole-milk, low-salt, lite (low-fat) merchandise within the markets.

Purchase recent mozzarella cheese in sealed containers/packs from the refrigerated part. Shredded/slices/grains, and so on, are additionally out there for cooking comfort. Keep away from any off-flavored and beyond-the-date merchandise.

Entire milk mozzarella ought to have fats not lower than 45% on a dry foundation, whereas lite-Mozzarella Cheese has milk fats not lower than 10.8% on a dry foundation. Cheese shall have a light, pleasing taste and will possess slight acid or feed flavors.

Whereas shopping for, search for mozzarella cheeses that includes a pure white to mild cream, uniform shiny coloration, and engaging sheen. It must be versatile, easy, and pliable.

Usually, mozzarella shouldn’t possess candy holes in it, and if sliced, the slices ought to separate simply. It ought to soften fully with out blisters. It additionally shall evenly be distributed over the floor of the crust on which it’s unfold.

Keep away from bitter notes, vinegar-flavored, heated, or off-notes related to using non-fat dry milk.


Mozzarella cheese is very delicate to temperature, humidity, and microbial contamination and subsequently is very perishable. Retailer within the fridge in brine or in water and use inside 2-3 days. In the event you put together it at house, make small batches incessantly retailer it properly within the fridge, and use in 1-2 days.

Meals makes use of

To totally admire its freshness and taste, buffalo mozzarella cheese must be delivered to room temperature earlier than consumption.

Mozzarella is a pleasant dairy product famend for its comfort and flexibility in numerous recipes, together with sandwiches, salads, foremost dishes, and desserts.

Listed below are some serving ideas:

  • Get pleasure from a trendy Italian salad, that includes sliced recent mozzarella, ripe tomatoes, and aromatic candy basil, all seasoned with salt and drizzled with olive oil.

  • Margherita pizza is a classical Neapolitan pizza made with San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, recent basil, salt, and extra-virgin olive oil.

  • Baked meat lasagne is the Campania dish, topped with melted mozzarella cheese.

  • Grilled mozzarella sandwich with egg is a mouth-watering snack.

  • Put together middle-eastern fashion mozzarella cheese kunafa (pastry) dessert.

Security profile

Mozzarella cheese incorporates small quantities of tyramine and may be eaten in small portions by these on a tyramine-restricted weight loss program. (Supply: Queensland Authorities-low tyramine weight loss program: MAOI’s and weight loss program.)

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