Choice and storage

Acerola cherry grew primarily in house gardens as an ornamental shrub and in some chosen orchards in Florida and Hawaii within the US. Solely a handful of farmer markets show them on the market. Acerola extractions within the type of powder, focus, juices, and so on., nonetheless, may be available in groceries.

Of their wild native, for instance in Brazil’s Amazon, acerola cherries may be available within the native markets. Select bright-red, ripe, agency, and uniform-sized berries. Keep away from discolored, mushy, bruising, and broken ones.

As soon as at house, retailer recent berries in a plastic or zip pouch and place them contained in the fridge set at zero levels and excessive relative humidity the place they hold nicely for a few days.

Preparation and serving ideas

Contemporary berries may be eaten out of hand from the timber simply as you’ll do within the case of different bush berries. Nonetheless, their extraordinarily tart taste and proportionately large-sized seeds would restrict their use as a favourite desk fruit.

As soon as at house, wash berries in chilly water with out disturbing their stem. Drain, and gently mop dry utilizing a mushy fabric/paper towel.

Listed below are some serving ideas:

  • Historically, acerola berries have been a part of the meals tradition of native Amazonians for hundreds of years.

  • Sliced recent berries may be added to fruit salad, fruit cup, and so on.

  • They can be utilized to arrange sauce, juice, syrup, jelly, and so on.

Security profile

Acerola berries might not often lead to extreme allergic reactions in some sensitized people. Most frequently, these sorts of reactions happen due to attainable sensitization to latex from different merchandise of the acerola tree. Individuals with a historical past of suspected allergy to those fruits might wish to keep away from consuming them. (Medical disclaimer).

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