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“Cargo pants are again.”

This was the information that Brian St. Pierre, PN’s director of diet, broke once we met.

(St. Pierre, a father, discovered this out through his 12-year-old daughter.)

Why does this matter? Apparently, a sure sort of train is operating a parallel cycle: An previous pattern resurfacing as a brand new “it” factor.

Cardio’s again, child.

Particularly, zone 2 cardio—also referred to as regular state cardio, low depth regular state cardio (LISS), or what your treadmill could name the “fats burning zone” (extra on this time period later).

After I obtained into the health business over a decade in the past, cardio was at its peak of being disrespected.

“Are you attempting to lose all of your muscle??” the naysayers stated.

St. Pierre—who’s coached high athletes within the NBA, NFL, MLB, and the NHL—remembered:

“You both did intervals, otherwise you lifted. Possibly each. Regular state cardio was for endurance athletes solely.”

Now, as regular state cardio makes its triumphant return, interval coaching appears to be getting tagged as overrated. (Lifting, in fact, is as badass as ever.)

So, what’s the deal? Is there a “greatest” type of cardio? Is zone 2 train worthy of the hype?

On this article, you’ll discover out. You’ll additionally study:

  • What zone 2 cardio is (and tips on how to know while you’re “in it”)
  • How a lot zone 2 cardio it’s best to do per week to reap the well being and health advantages
  • How zone 2 cardio compares to different types of train
  • What the potential downsides of zone 2 cardio are—and tips on how to mitigate them

Let’s get to it.

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What’s “zone 2 cardio,” anyway?

St. Pierre struggled to provide a easy reply to this query. Not as a result of he didn’t know, however as a result of it’s a trickier query than you would possibly assume.

In a nutshell although:

Zone 2 cardio is sub-maximal cardio coaching—that means, cardio train that’s carried out beneath your most effort.

However St. Pierre affords some caveats:

“Zone 2 coaching might imply various things in several contexts,” he says.

“How elite athletes measure and prepare zone 2 goes to be totally different from what my mom can be doing.”

Elite endurance athletes use exact (usually costly) instruments to make sure they’re in zone 2 (akin to lactate meters and energy meters). They attempt to enhance zone 2 health to maximise efficiency.

Common folks, although, have a tendency to coach in zone 2 with out utilizing devices—just a few easy physique consciousness cues—with the seemingly purpose of enhancing general well being.

Zone 2 cardio examples

Any intentional bodily exercise that feels stimulating, however nonetheless comparatively simple—like you might go for an hour, and even hours—counts as zone 2 cardio work.

For instance:

  • Informal biking
  • Utilizing the elliptical machine
  • Mountain climbing or strolling uphill
  • Rucking (strolling with a weighted backpack or vest)
  • Gradual jogging on flat terrain
  • Rowing (utilizing a machine, or should you’re fortunate, a canoe on a relaxed lake)

Zone 2 cardio in comparison with different cardiovascular “zones”

Totally different ranges of exertion—as measured by coronary heart charge—are categorized into 5 totally different “zones.”

(This can be a widespread mannequin, however listed here are different zone fashions which have seven zones. And fashions which might be primarily based on energy fairly than coronary heart charge. See how shortly this may get difficult?)

Every zone will use totally different power sources at totally different charges, and may have distinctive advantages, because the desk beneath reveals.

Zone % of Max Coronary heart Fee Most important Power supply* Seems like… Examples Advantages
1 <60% Fats Snug; can nasal breath simply and maintain a dialog Strolling or gentle family actions Will increase general exercise, improves blood circulate
2 60-70% Fats Can keep nasal respiratory, however not comfortably Mild jogging, mountaineering, biking, elliptical Improves cardio base with out impeding restoration
3 70-80% Fats and carbs Powerful to take care of a dialog; might want to begin respiratory heavier Jogging or biking at sooner tempo (however not sprinting) Improves cardio and anaerobic health, and lactate threshold
4 80-90% Carbs Huffing and puffing; would possibly be capable to get out just a few phrases Operating, biking or utilizing a machine for for 1-4 minute sprints Improves energy output, VO2 max, lactate threshold, and general athletic efficiency
5 >90% Carbs Close to or at maximal effort; coronary heart pounding and speaking is unattainable Maximal sprinting Improves VO2 max, coronary heart charge max, and health at maximal ranges
*Train depth is a very powerful determinant of which power supply is used throughout train. Nevertheless, the proportion of power sources used is affected by a number of components, together with train length, age, intercourse, physique composition, coaching standing, and eating regimen.

Why zone 2 cardio is usually referred to as “the fats burning zone”

Zone 2 cardio is a type of cardio train.

Cardio means “with oxygen,” which suggests the physique wants oxygen with a view to produce ATP—our main supply of power—to energy this sort of exercise.

Ancardio train—like sprinting, intense biking, or heavy weightlifting—doesn’t require oxygen to provide the power (ATP) wanted to gasoline it.

As a substitute, anaerobic actions use readily-available sources of power—primarily carbohydrates saved within the muscular tissues and liver. These power sources could be accessed quickly, however run out shortly. And, it takes time—and presumably a giant sandwich—to replenish them.

In the meantime, cardio train faucets into power reserves regularly, primarily burning physique fats for gasoline. This course of is slower, however the power reserve is way bigger (even amongst lean people) and thus can maintain exercise for longer.

Because of this the treadmill at your gymnasium could name zone 2 cardio “the fats burning zone”.

When engaged in regular, reasonably paced cardio work, your physique makes use of fats as its main power supply.

If the time period “fats burning” perked your ears, simply preserve the next in thoughts:

  • Different types of cardio—akin to excessive depth interval coaching (HIIT)—are equally efficient by way of fats loss, on common.1 2
  • Train alone doesn’t are likely to yield vital adjustments in physique fats. Which means: There’s nothing “magical” about zone 2 cardio’s means to burn fats because it pertains to dropping fats and physique weight.

Actually, the best train—by way of fats loss and general well being advantages—would be the sort(s) you get pleasure from, and are capable of do most constantly.

Three massive advantages of zone 2 cardio

So, why would possibly you incorporate zone 2 cardio work into your routine (or recommend your purchasers do the identical)?

Let’s focus on three sturdy arguments for leaping on this pattern.

Profit #1: It builds your cardio base.

St. Pierre affords this analogy:

“Think about your general cardio health is a pyramid: The bottom is your cardio health, and the highest is your peak anaerobic health,” he says.

“For those who solely prepare the height, the construction is high heavy; it’s not constructed to final.”

This is likely one of the largest property of zone 2. Coaching on the peaks could also be enjoyable (in a masochistic means), however it’s not the easiest way to construct your base.

To see how this works, let’s use an instance with St. Pierre’s sport of alternative: Hockey

On the ice, you’ll be principally fueled by the anaerobic system.

With a robust cardio base, you’ll recuperate shortly between “sprints” on the ice whereas resting on the bench.

With no good cardio base, your physique may very well keep in an anaerobic state when you’re bench-warming. This not solely inhibits restoration; it additionally drains valuable power reserves.

(And should you burn by your reserves within the first interval, these second and third intervals are going to suck.)

This means to adapt to adjustments in bodily calls for is known as metabolic flexibility4—and zone 2 cardio is especially good at enhancing it.

With good metabolic flexibility, your physique can toggle between power sources as wanted (as an alternative of utilizing principally glucose or principally fats on a regular basis) to energy exercise, main to higher endurance, energy, and efficiency.

Profit #2: It’s train that offers greater than it takes.

Intense exercises are each mentally and bodily draining. In addition they “value” a good bit, from a restoration perspective.

Not zone 2 train.

“Zone 2 cardio could even assist your restoration in between periods,” says St. Pierre. “At worst, it’s going to be restoration impartial.”

Biking on a motorcycle at a comparatively low depth for 45 minutes may not be essentially the most enjoyable, however it’ll enhance your general health with out including a lot stress or demanding restoration in the identical means intervals would.

When you have time to coach 5 hours per week, however solely have the power to coach all out for 2 to 3 hours, that also leaves you with time to coach—simply at a decrease depth.

Many people have an “all or nothing” mindset and get mad at themselves for not with the ability to prepare like a beast for all 5 hours. However you don’t must. Three hours of intense coaching and two hours of low depth coaching is superb.

Profit #3: It boosts mitochondrial well being—which could aid you stay higher, longer.

One of many guarantees of zone 2 is that it will possibly enhance mitochondrial well being.

Higher mitochondrial well being means a lowered danger of many ailments, akin to sort 2 diabetes, heart problems, metabolic syndrome, and most cancers.5

Zone 2 cardio may be the best type of train to maximise mitochondrial well being6 (although the analysis supporting this has contributors doing many hours of zone 2 work per week).

Thankfully, all bodily exercise—together with interval and resistance coaching—helps and improves mitochondrial well being.7 8 9

Plus, effectiveness is a spectrum. Obsessing over having “one of the best mitochondrial well being attainable” is pointless should you can’t constantly carry out the quantity of train it takes to get there.

“How do I do know if I’m in zone 2?”

Understandably, many individuals (together with your purchasers) will ask. There are a number of methods to evaluate should you’re in zone 2, starting from “fancy and high-tech” to “luddite-approved.”

Monitoring technique #1: Devices

For those who’re a excessive stage endurance athlete fixated on monitoring laborious knowledge, a lactate meter might be your most correct measurement instrument.

For those who’re simply seeking to obtain higher general well being and cardio health, you should use a coronary heart monitor. (Strive a chest strap or a wearable wrist watch that tracks coronary heart charge.10)

Monitoring technique #2: Math

If you wish to use your coronary heart charge to calculate should you’re in zone 2—which is about 60 to 70 % of your coronary heart charge max—you first have to determine your max coronary heart charge.

The best strategy to estimate your coronary heart charge max is to take 220 and subtract your age. Calculate 60 to 70 % of that quantity, and also you’ll get your goal zone 2 coronary heart charge vary.

For instance, should you’re 42 years previous:

220 – 42 = 178 beats per minute is your most coronary heart charge

0.6 (or 60%) x 178 = 106.8

0.7 (or 70%) x 178 = 124.6

So, in case your coronary heart charge is between 107 and 125 beats per minute, that places you in zone 2.

(One other widespread strategy: Take 180, subtract your age, and that’ll provide the high of your zone 2 vary.)

In fact, should you’re in that vary and may’t discuss, nasal breath, or deal with something apart from simply… preserve… going, you’ll know you’re not in zone 2.

Typically, the physique is aware of greatest. Which brings us to…

Monitoring technique #3: Physique consciousness

With out devices or formulation, can inform should you’re in zone 2 if:

  • You’re doing a type of cardio that requires effort—but in addition really feel like you might carry out it for an prolonged time period
  • You may breathe by your nostril
  • You may discuss (however maybe not sing very properly)
  • You possibly can take note of a podcast, film, or have a considerate dialog

As St. Pierre eloquently put it:

“Once you’re performed together with your session, it’s best to be capable to say you might do it once more if not for time and tedium.”

TL;DR: Zone 2 work shouldn’t crush you.

How a lot zone 2 cardio must you do per week?

The shortest (and most sensible) reply: No matter you’ll be able to slot in.

When you have extra time and need some specificity, the WHO and the CDC recommend between 150-300 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio exercise per week.11 12

Weekly, that would seem like three 30 minute-sessions, two 45 minute-sessions, or one longer 90-minute session.

However don’t get slowed down by specifics. Any cardio is nice should you haven’t been doing any.

How lengthy ought to zone 2 cardio periods be?

You’ll generally hear periods have to be not less than 45 minutes.

Your cardio system doesn’t fatigue simply throughout zone 2 work, so length is considerably essential should you’re aiming to maximise diversifications.

For those who go together with the WHO and CDC’s pointers, two to 3 45 to 75 minute periods of zone 2 cardio per week is fairly ultimate. (Observe: For those who’re a aggressive athlete, you’ll in all probability want extra.)

However should you can solely slot in 25 or half-hour per week whole, it’s not pointless.

“Any quantity of exercise improves well being, so whereas sure, extra is healthier, something you will get in will make a distinction in your wellbeing,” says St. Pierre.

It’s possible you’ll not get the utmost advantages by doing much less, however you’ll expertise many superb well being enhancements by getting in some cardio.

Consider your targets.

Don’t get so fixated on zone 2 that you simply dedicate all of your exercise time to it and lose the advantages you will get from different kinds of coaching.

And, take into account your health priorities.

If you wish to construct muscle and energy, resistance coaching must be the main focus of your coaching. (In different phrases: Don’t reduce your energy exercises in half simply to squeeze in ultimate zone 2 coaching targets.)

“I hate cardio” and different obstacles to zone 2 work

Have you ever ever seen the present Fits? It’s not the Sopranos, however it’s entertaining and filled with tea.

St. Pierre hadn’t seen it—that’s till he began watching it whereas doing zone 2 work on his bike at residence.

Zone 2 coaching isn’t his favourite strategy to prepare. With this, he discovered a strategy to make it pleasant.

For those who hate cardio, discover methods to show down the suck.

Listed here are just a few methods to do this.

Eat that candy, candy content material.

Whether or not it’s watching a enjoyable TV present or listening to an audiobook or podcast, you’ll be able to offset the tedium of zone 2 cardio with one thing you get pleasure from.


You can too get zone 2 work with sports activities or varied leisure actions.

Personally, I prefer to shoot across the basketball with my coronary heart charge monitor on. (Sure, there might be occasions I’m at the next coronary heart charge zone than what is actually zone 2, however that’s okay. I’m not an elite endurance athlete, so precision isn’t essential.)

Seize your frisbee, pickleball racket, or ball-of-choice, and have enjoyable.

Make it work together with your schedule—and life.

“I simply don’t have the time.”

If that is your main impediment, incorporate zone 2 cardio in a means that helps your life.

Some examples:

  • For those who can, bike to commute to work. Particularly in busier cities with a lot of site visitors, this may truly be extra time environment friendly than driving or taking transit.
  • Run your errands with a objective. Stroll briskly to the shop (or across the mall), and carry your groceries should you can.
  • Do home chores such as you imply it. Extra laborious home work akin to reducing the grass, shoveling the snow, or vacuuming—something that takes some time and takes some effort—counts.
  • Run round with different animals. Your youngsters and your pets are laborious to maintain up with, proper? Make their week and chase after them on the park or native rec middle. Alternatively, pull them in a wagon or take a brisk stroll pushing the stroller.

If these actions don’t preserve you in zone 2 all the time, that’s okay. These are simply concepts for many who merely don’t have the time for extra structured cardio.

Begin with much less.

If 45 minutes of something nonetheless appears like an excessive amount of, simply begin with 10 minutes. You may all the time construct up from there.

Ignore what’s optimum, and combine what’s sensible.

One thing is actually higher than nothing. (For those who’re strapped for time, do not forget that line.)

One other instrument within the package

Traits within the health business are cyclical. (Type of like traits in pants-with-pockets.)

Coaching kinds will come and go. When one comes again in, keep in mind this and mood your response. Nothing—no meals, train, or complement—is a magic bullet.

The zone 2 cardio pattern has been superior for re-inspiring people (together with myself and St. Pierre) to do extra cardio.

It’s additionally been complicated to some, leaving them much more confused about tips on how to prepare “the optimum means.”

At PN, we’re much less fussed about what’s theoretically optimum than what’s virtually optimum. Do one of the best you’ll be able to. Discover actions you get pleasure from. And do these constantly.


Click on right here to view the knowledge sources referenced on this article.

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