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Recent, dwell Atlantic surf clams can be found year-round. Search for clams which have tightly closed shells or ones that shut instantly when tapped. Keep away from these which are open or have damaged or broken shells. Select clams that really feel heavy for his or her measurement.

Recent clams ought to have a clear and barely salty ocean odor. Keep away from clams which have a robust, foul odor, as this means spoilage.

They’re additionally offered processed and frozen, and canned.

Its uncooked meat is whitish-orange; nevertheless, cooked meat seems whitish-yellow. When cooked, the meat is delicate and candy and chewy.


it’s important to retailer them correctly. Maintain them refrigerated at a temperature between 32°F and 45°F (0°C to 7°C) and use them as quickly as attainable for the most effective taste and high quality.

Preparation and serving strategies

It is crucial you clear surf clams earlier than use in cooking. Place the clams in a bowl of chilly water and allow them to soak for 20-Half-hour. This helps to purge the clams of sand and grit.

Scrub the shells for eradicating exterior impurities. Then, with a knife, fastidiously open the clam by inserting the blade into the shell’s opening. Slide the knife alongside the within of the highest shell to separate the clam from the shell. Take care to not spill any liquid from contained in the shell.

Rinse the opened clam once more underneath chilly water and use a mushy brush to softly take away any inside impurities.

Listed below are some serving concepts:

Atlantic surf clams, also referred to as bar clams or hen clams, are versatile seafood choices that can be utilized in varied recipes. These clams are utilized in quite a few recipes, together with clam chowder, seafood stews, pasta dishes, sushi, ceviche, and extra.

Surf clam chowder. Picture: Jen
  • Put together surf clam chowder utilizing substances similar to bacon, chopped onion, diced celery stalks, potatoes, milk and cream and seasoned with salt and pepper to style. Serve scorching, garnished with the crispy bacon.

  • Surf clam linguine is a well-liked Italian pasta dish served historically with pesto sauce.

  • Serve the stuffed surf clams scorching as an appetizer or aspect dish.

  • Serve the surf clam fritters heat together with your alternative of dipping sauce, similar to tartar sauce, aioli, or a squeeze of lemon.

Security profile

  • Consuming uncooked or undercooked clams results in vibrio micro organism (Vibrio vulnificus) an infection that may trigger gastrointestinal sickness. Thorough cooking destroys these micro organism and makes them secure to eat. Discard any clams that don’t open throughout cooking.

  • Shellfish together with Atlantic surf clam is a typical meals allergy which can have an effect on round 1% of the inhabitants. Most of those allergic manifestations are delicate to reasonable in severity, starting from hives (urticaria), tingling of the throat and mouth, swelling (angioedema), and gastrointestinal (vomiting, diarrhea).

  • Clam has methyl-mercury ranges of 0.009 Components Per Million (PPM). In line with the U.S. FDA pointers for expectant and breastfeeding moms, it’s categorized into the “best option”, permitting it to eat 2-3 servings per week. (Medical disclaimer).

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