Shopping for and storage

Recent fenugreek is accessible within the farmer’s markets from late November until early March. Nonetheless, dried methi leaves (kasuri-methi) could be available in protecting packs throughout the 12 months.

Whereas shopping for, search for gentle inexperienced, tender leaves. Keep away from greens with flowers as their leaves are powerful and bitter to style. Discard any yellow, bruised, wilted leaves and difficult stems earlier than storing.

Hold the herb as you do for different greens like arugula, spinach, purslane, kale, and many others. Place it within the vegetable compartment of the fridge, and set it at excessive relative humidity.

Kasuri methi is dried fenugreek leaves. It’s common in India and Pakistan for its distinctive and spicy aroma.

It’s mainly used as a condiment in stew and curries in lots of Northern states of India, Iran, and Pakistan. Usually, it’s toasted and crushed earlier than including to stews to deliver out a particular taste and aroma.

Retailer it within the fridge, in an hermetic jar, away from moisture. If stored so, kasuri-methi can keep properly for as much as six months.

Preparation and serving strategies

In India and Pakistan, recent field-grown fenugreek is usually bought within the native markets in bushels. Trim the powerful stems. Discard yellow, bruised leaves.

Place the leaves in a big colander and clear completely in chilly working water as you do it in instances of different greens like spinach to be able to take away sand, soil, filth, and many others. Drain water, and gently mop-dry utilizing a moisture-absorbent fabric earlier than use in cooking.

Kasuri methi
Kasuri methi.

Listed here are some serving ideas:

  • The fenugreek leaves, known as methi, are extensively used both recent or dried in Indian cooking and infrequently mixed with greens akin to spinach, potato, and yam.

  • Aloo-methi (potato-methi leaves) is a favourite winter season stew in Pakistan and the Indian states of Punjab, Bihar, and Rajasthan.

  • Recent greens are additionally utilized in soups, curries, and cooked in rice dishes like pulov, methi-rice, and many others.

  • Fenugreek greens are an essential ingredient in vegetable and dal (pulses) dishes eaten within the rural components of India.

  • Dried fenugreek leaves (Kasuri Methi) are typically used as a condiment for flavoring numerous curries and sabzis.

  • Dried leaves are used as seasonings to reinforce the flavour of Iranian ghormeh sabzi. Different principal substances listed here are a mix of sauteed herbs, consisting of parsley, leeks or inexperienced onions, coriander, kale, and yellow break up peas.

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