Processing of rooibos tea

Aspathalus linearis
A. linearis. Be aware needle-like inexperienced leaves and light-weight brown stems.

After harvesting, rooibos leaves and stems endure additional remedy to acquire the end-use product which is prepared for infusion as an natural tea.

  • Fermentation: This course of follows the identical steps practiced by the native inhabitants, utilizing conventional strategies. Right here, its needle-like leaves and stems are subjected to bruising and wetting with a sprinkling of water. The damp leaves are then allowed to ferment (sweating) for 12 hours. A strategy of enzymatic oxidation takes place throughout which the leaves change from inexperienced to a particular amber-red hue. Lastly, the rooibos is unfold out within the solar to dry.

  • Unfermented or inexperienced Rooibos: Right here, the harvested leaves are sun-dried instantly, with out the fermentation step, as within the preparation of inexperienced teas. It has a lighter colour in comparison with conventional rooibos however composes comparatively increased ranges of phenolic antioxidants.

Harvesting and storage

Fermented red rooibos tea leaves
Fermented purple rooibos tea leaves.

Much like quite a few different kinds of dried natural teas, rooibos stands out as an unique providing in the USA. For authenticity and high quality, select from novelty retailers specializing in natural tea merchandise. Fermented purple bush tea, in addition to inexperienced sorts in containers and hermetic packs, are put on the market within the supermarkets. Choose superior-quality natural produce that’s devoid of any heavy metals or pesticides.

At house, retailer in air-seal bins away from daylight and moisture. Use rooibos early because it loses taste.

Preparation of rooibos tea

In its conventional bastions, rooibos leaves are immediately added to water and boiled collectively in teapots for 10-Quarter-hour earlier than straining underneath mild warmth.

Alternatively, pour on about 150 ml of scorching water over 1 teaspoonful of dried leaves and permit to steep for 7-10 minutes and pressure. Add some honey or sugar for the style of the infusion. Rooibos has a fruity aroma and is interesting to all tastes because it accommodates little tannins, and due to this fact, much less astringent.

Listed here are another serving suggestions of rooibos:

  • Rooibos will be loved as much as 5-6 cups daily for long-lasting well being advantages.

  • It may be consumed with milk, as rooibos latte.

  • Rooibos infusion may also mix effectively in smoothies, soups, and marinades as a flavoring and coloring agent.

Security profile

There aren’t any recognized reported circumstances of rooibos consumption toxicity. It may be used safely in youngsters and pregnant ladies.(Medical

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