Harvesting and storage

chamomile flowerheads
Lovely chamomile flowers.

Full blooms are both handpicked or harvested by hand-raking for the very best high quality tea market. Nonetheless, it’s a very labor-intensive and expensive course of.

Shade-dried flowers are then sorted out for any international materials, or particles earlier than processing. Flowers are then fastidiously graded earlier than promoting in bulk to factories the place they’re additional processed and packed in tea luggage/sachets and small storage tins. Chamomile flowers and herb elements are additionally blended with different herb merchandise.

Purchase freshly harvested and shade-dried chamomile flower heads packed in tea luggage or in hermetic tins from the specialty natural product retailer. Search for authenticity, and keep away from any adulterated merchandise.

Preparation of chamomile tea

German chamomile flowers for brewing tea give the infusion a fragile mild blue coloration. German Roman chamomile, however, provides the infusion a fragile mild straw coloration. Freshly harvested and shade-dried flowers needs to be used inside 6 months for optimum well being advantages.

Put the recent or dried chamomile flowers right into a teapot or instantly right into a mug. Pour on the boiling water and go away to infuse for about 5 minutes or longer for those who want a stronger taste. Pressure the tea, and if you want add a small quantity of caster sugar or honey and stir to dissolve.

Listed below are another serving suggestions:

  • Drink 1 to 4 cups of chamomile tea each day for long-lasting well being advantages.

  • Chamomile is a caffeine-free tisane (natural infusion) and works as a gentle sedative. It may be loved as a bedtime drink for sound sleep.

  • Recent chamomile petals are additionally employed as a flavoring garnish in salads, soups, stews, marinades in addition to in vegetable dishes.

Security profile

Chamomile tea and different merchandise will not be advisable in folks with identified sensitivities or allergy symptoms to the daisy or Asteraceae household vegetation reminiscent of chrysanthemums, ragweed, and so on.

Chamomile merchandise are additionally not indicated in sufferers with atopic hay fever or bronchial asthma. It’s contraindicated in girls throughout their early months of being pregnant as a consequence of its attainable delivery defects within the new child. (Medical disclaimer).

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