The change of seasons, together with the arrival of winter, is a given on planet Earth. All sentient creatures shift and alter by way of the seasons. Let’s speak about what’s occurring and how one can make the most of it? 

Physiological impacts 

Colder climate and shorter days may cause shifts in our conduct. This may, in flip, have impacts on our:

  • immune system (higher publicity to flu and colds)
  • coronary heart (narrowing blood vessels for elevated danger of coronary heart assault)
  • steadiness (icy sidewalks)
  • pores and skin (dryness)
  • physique temperature (danger of hypothermia and frostbite)

The best strategy right here is consciousness and precaution. Dressing appropriately, hydrating and moisturizing, transferring with care, adjusting outside train routines, and practising good hygiene can all assist mitigate these dangers and decrease the variety of face vegetation we inadvertently carry out! 

What about my temper? 

The adjustments in temperature and daylight, plus much less social exercise, may also have an effect on our psychological and emotional well being, resulting in loneliness, occasional unhappiness, or seasonal affective dysfunction (SAD). Against this, extra introverted of us could relish this season.

Though the reason for SAD isn’t solely clear, it seems that discount in daylight publicity impacts our circadian rhythms, resulting in elevated manufacturing of melatonin (the sleep hormone) and decreased manufacturing of serotonin (a “really feel good” hormone).

This chemical change may cause decrease vitality and intercourse drive, elevated urge for food (particularly for carbs), and fewer want to socialize. SAD can also have an effect on cognitive perform, together with focus and short-term reminiscence.


Self-care steps to cut back impacts 

  • common train
  • wholesome sleep habits
  • nutritious diet, together with limiting sugary meals


Therapies for winter despair, or SAD, embody full-spectrum mild remedy and/or medicine (reminiscent of antidepressants). Vitamin D could also be useful, although there’s not sufficient analysis into its use with SAD sufferers to be conclusive.

5 component concept 

In keeping with the 5 component concept in Chinese language drugs, there are alternative ways to know the seasons. Alana Boorman, a 5 Aspect Acupressure practitioner, explains that winter is related to the component of water, which is related to organs, feelings, and religious elements.

Bodily elements 

Within the 5 component concept, the organs related to the water component are the kidney and bladder. “The organs, in addition to chi (common vitality), replicate balances and imbalances associated to our bodily our bodies,” says Boorman. “Bodily imbalances can typically manifest throughout winter as kidney illness, again ache, urinary tract infections, low libido, or fatigue.”

Emotional elements 

She goes on to clarify the emotion for the component of water can embody “worry, the interrupted circulate of vitality that may trigger somebody to turn into immobilized or frozen. Different imbalanced feelings throughout winter [can] embody the absence of worry (foolhardiness) and apprehension.”

Religious elements 

“Just like the transformation of deep hibernation to re-emergence,” Boorman says, “we should decelerate and deeply relaxation in our perception within the felt sense of the continuity of life, and belief that in spring we are going to return to a time of productiveness and determination making.”

5 component prescription 

Boorman gives the next options:

  • Drink loads of heat fluids, together with tea, and keep heat.
  • Eat root greens, soups with miso, seaweed, kelp, flaxseeds, and beans.
  • Select herbs reminiscent of gingerroot, nettles, and juniper berries.
  • Align with winter by sinking into restorative sleep, limiting danger, reflecting in your strengths, attempting qi gong, and trusting within the perpetual cycle of regeneration.

Align with the rhythm of nature 

Some of us love winter, others are much less thrilled. After all, we now have no alternative within the matter except we’re eternally globe-hopping to our most popular environments. As with most issues in life, although, perspective is profoundly necessary.

Winter is a part of the everlasting rhythm of nature, and each season affords new challenges and advantages. Strategy winter as a chance to take care of your bodily being; create house to relaxation and regenerate; nourish your physique and soul with meals, drinks, hearth chats, music, motion, and introspection; and put together for the season of renewed progress forward. 

Winter wellness dietary supplements 

  • echinacea
  • elderberry
  • probiotics
  • nutritional vitamins C, D, and K2
  • zinc

Physique attunement 

  1. Breathe consciously and replicate.
  2. Observe any shifts in mobility, ease, vitality, or temper.
  3. Alter conduct and physique care as wanted.
  4. Embrace nature’s efforts to heal and regenerate, on the earth and in you.
  5. Breathe consciously and proceed with consciousness.

What’s qi gong? 

A delicate Chinese language train, qi means “breath” or “to breathe,” and <gong> means “work,” so collectively qi gong means “breath work,” or the artwork of coordinating the breath to keep up good well being.



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