Hydration and train go hand-in-hand. However is that trusty water bottle full of common H2O sufficient? Or might you profit from an electrolyte complement like Beachbody Efficiency Hydrate? Right here’s what the consultants say.

What Are Electrolyte Dietary supplements?

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“Hydration dietary supplements are components put in water to facilitate or improve your physique’s pure skill to soak up water rapidly and scale back the potential impacts of dehydration,” says Amy Stone, an endurance coach in Miami who focuses on long-distance working and extremely triathlons.

They try this by boosting the degrees of sure electrolytes — equivalent to sodium, magnesium, and potassium — that assist the physique’s cells preserve fluid stability.

Within the case of Beachbody Efficiency Hydrate, you’ll get a lemon lime powder that accommodates sodium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium to assist substitute what’s misplaced by way of sweat, promote endurance, and assist general hydration ranges.*

Electrolyte dietary supplements usually come within the type of a drink combine or capsule which you could take earlier than, throughout, or after train.

Do Electrolyte Dietary supplements Work?

Whereas the liquids you’re taking them with are offering hydration, the dietary supplements work by offering minerals to your physique.

“Hydration dietary supplements work very nicely at changing the electrolytes we lose throughout scorching climate and intense train,” which may even assist assist restoration, says ACE-certified private coach Michael Julom.*

Many electrolyte drinks additionally ship fast-absorbing carbohydrates to assist hold you fueled throughout lengthy, intense exercises and preserve efficiency.* (There are additionally numerous sugar-free electrolyte drinks that omit carbs and sugar from their ingredient checklist.)

Can Water Hydrate Me Sufficient by Itself?

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Typically, however not all the time. Water helps hold the physique’s fluid ranges secure, however that’s just one aspect of hydration.

“We want electrolytes, too,” says Julom. “This doesn’t essentially imply utilizing dietary supplements. There are many meals which can be wealthy in numerous electrolytes. Normally, easy desk salt will assist to treatment signs of sunshine dehydration.”

Nonetheless, relating to changing electrolytes effectively and conveniently, hydration dietary supplements take the sting over entire meals.

“Throughout train, fluids with electrolytes are a a lot quicker approach to replenish electrolytes,” says Stone. “Electrolytes can assist the fluid take in extra rapidly out of your digestive system. They assist our our bodies ship and obtain directions to contract and launch muscular tissues, they usually might doubtlessly scale back cramping in drained muscular tissues.”

Analysis is proscribed, so extra research are wanted to conclude that electrolytes can assist with cramping.*

Why Are Electrolytes Essential for Hydration?

After we sweat, electrolytes assist hold the water balanced inside and out of doors cells in order that your muscular tissues and organs can proceed to perform correctly.*


We lose electrolytes, particularly sodium, in perspiration — that’s why sweat tastes salty. “Sweating so much — as we do throughout scorching climate or intense train — can result in dehydration, together with a deficit of essential electrolytes,” says Julom.


Bansari Acharya, MA, RDN, a registered dietitian nutritionist in Detroit, notes that potassium is essential for muscle perform and energy. Low potassium ranges can result in fatigue and weak point.*


Magnesium helps the physique retain potassium, Acharya provides. The kidneys assist regulate magnesium focus depending on the physique’s present ranges.

“Taking in electrolytes as a part of your rehydration will assist you to to exchange these misplaced minerals,” says Julom. “Electrolytes can even make your water consumption extra environment friendly, as electrolytes like magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium can assist you to retain fluid and preserve a wholesome fluid stability in your physique.”

Why Is Hydration Essential?

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Satisfactory hydration is crucial for the correct functioning of organs all through the physique, explains Acharya. Hydration additionally helps regulate physique temperature and hold joints lubricated.

*These statements haven’t been evaluated by the Meals and Drug Administration. This product just isn’t supposed to diagnose, deal with, remedy, or stop any illness.

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