Choice and storage

Yams will be obtainable within the markets year-round. Recent tubers, nonetheless, can be found in a lot by August when their annual harvest season begins, marking the top of the wet season in Western Africa. A new yam pageant is well known with nice fervor as an emblem of recent crops and the provision of recent meals in abundance throughout Nigeria and Ghana.

Within the supermarkets, typically one can come throughout, small reduce sections of yam wrapped in skinny plastic movies. Their inside meat is white to mild pink relying upon the cultivar kind with a wealthy, starchy taste.

Usually, complete tubers are saved after drying for a number of hours underneath the daylight, in well-ventilated yam barns (conventional storage system) the place they keep properly for a number of months. Minimize sections, nonetheless, must be used early or saved within the fridge for rapid use.

Preparation and serving strategies

In contrast to candy potatoes which will be eaten uncooked, yams ought to by no means be consumed raw since they carry naturally-occurring plant toxins together with dioscorine, diosgenin, and triterpenes. The tuber should be peeled and cooked so as to take away these bitter proteins.

Dioscorea opposita or Japanese yam, nonetheless, will be eaten uncooked, not like its African brethren. Right here, the entire root is briefly soaked within the vinegar-water answer to neutralize irritant oxalate crystals discovered of their pores and skin. The foundation is then reduce into small slices or grated to get gel-like milk so as to add to mouth-watering East-Asian recipes.

Listed below are some serving suggestions:

pounded yam recipe - fufu
Pounded yam recipe, fufu. Photograph: Saabir
  • The tuber can be utilized in quite a lot of cuisines boiled, baked, fried, or generally roasted.

  • The most typical cooking technique in Africa is “pounded yam.” Fufu (Foo-foo, Foufou) is a particular dish ready in the course of the yam pageant. To make fufu; both pounded yam or its powder is added to boiling water to make a spherical cake-like dough (clump). A bite-sized piece of the fufu is then consumed with sauce, stew, or soup akin to ragi cake (finger-millet, Eleusine coracana, ragi-mudde) eaten in some components of South India.

  • Japanese yam or yamaimo is eaten uncooked in salads or grated to get gel-like milk, which is then added to noodles.

  • It additionally used very like candy potatoes within the preparation of cake, casseroles, bread, and many others.

Medicinal makes use of

Yam tubers used varied conventional medicines in China, Korea, and Japan. Its mucilaginous tuber milk incorporates allantoin, a cell proliferation that hurries up the therapeutic course of when utilized to ulcers, boils, and abscesses. Its decoction can also be used to stimulate urge for food and to alleviate bronchial irritation, cough, and many others. (Medical disclaimer).

Security profile

Yams of African species should be cooked earlier than safely eaten as a result of varied pure poisonous substances equivalent to dioscorine could cause sickness if
consumed uncooked.(Medical disclaimer).

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USDA – Nutrient Database for Customary Reference.

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